3 February 2007, The Day

This is the date where we celebrate our ceremony with all our family and friends, my solemnization day falls under the federation day 1 February 2007. hmm.. looking back i look slimmer and cuter.. hehe.. well.. no worries after my confinement i will get back i old shape.. *sigh* can i? lol.. yeah sure with the help of the motivator hunk hubby.. and of course after chasing rizq rayn around the house.. huhu.. i hope this time ill be more calm and stress free so i have more breast milk for my pumpkin baby.



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Things i crave …

yummy cuppiesHere goes my second pregnancy dilemma… things to prepare for my smart little one, where to deliver the baby, are we financially fit enough to deliver here or there, where should i stay for my confinement months? mak or mama’s house? hmmm.. all this issue makes me crave to something sweet, bitter and yummy.. it just put my mind at ease for a while.. yeah..

This time for my  first trimester i crave for ice tea and cupcakes from wondermilk, now in my second trimester i crave for Hershey’s Kisses dark chocolate and mcD apple pie… yummy..

While hubby crave for tom yam steamboat.. hehe.. remember when rayn was still in my tummy.. hubby always crave for KFC.. until we know where the best and yummies KFC .. its in One Utama.. yeah.. the place i love to hang-out when we were just two.. now 3 and coming 4 of us.. *sigh*..

Anyway .. my pregnancy experience are getting interesting.. first my body expanding, then taste bud become naughtier, rayn who used to be attached to me suddenly just wanna be with his abah, his now become hubby’s little shadow.. hehehe..  and whats next?.. hmmm let me just go with the flow..

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