3 February 2007, The Day

This is the date where we celebrate our ceremony with all our family and friends, my solemnization day falls under the federation day 1 February 2007. hmm.. looking back i look slimmer and cuter.. hehe.. well.. no worries after my confinement i will get back i old shape.. *sigh* can i? lol.. yeah sure with the help of the motivator hunk hubby.. and of course after chasing rizq rayn around the house.. huhu.. i hope this time ill be more calm and stress free so i have more breast milk for my pumpkin baby.



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6 responses to “3 February 2007, The Day

  1. Happy belated 3rd year anniversary to u and fadly gaban! of course u will get back in shape in no time!! be strong… and hope everything goes well throughout ur 2nd pregnancy! chaiiyokk!

  2. natahain

    thanks ena, i can see u already in shape shape.. hehe.. any tips tell me okie.. sharing is caring.. hmm.. bila farell nak dpt adik comel.. huhuhu..

  3. wey… aku ada time ni.. dgn ko kan ena? iyer ke? tak silap aku dgn ko kan? hehehe… wey.. congrats dah 3 thn dah kan.. ermm.. cepat sungguh masa berlalu.. erm.. cuma aku je camni.. heheh.. tapi takpe.. aku ada korang lagi best! hehehe..

  4. natahain

    alamaks.. sorry ena.. wrong spelling .. F.A.R.R.E.L. kan .. hahaha.. jgn marah mommy..

  5. heyyo baby,
    love u so much!!!so lucky to have u, rizq rayn in my life.muahs!!!*happy*

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